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Really nice just not hot it was almost cold and i was missing a nan???

Jemma, 12 Apr 2021

Lovely food, lovely friendly staff

Adele, 04 Apr 2021

Love food very friendly staff

Carine, 24 Mar 2021

Not happy at all. Placed order at 18:06, it’s now 19:57 and still nothing and the phone is off the hook so can’t get in touch with you. I want a full refund ASAP. Please get in touch with me about this, I’m sick of paying for nothing

Jake, 22 Mar 2021

Ordered a hot shot pizza could not see any chilli on it just green pepper didn't see any peperoni and if that,s what they a hot shot then they need to check their taste buds. This is the 1st time we have tried cheshire food but will not be trying it again.

Steven, 07 Feb 2021

I have ordered from yourselves twice now and not received the 20% off on my orders

Rachel, 04 Feb 2021

Well truly lovely thankyou x

Michelle, 24 Jan 2021

ordered a mild curry and it was very hot and burnt my mouth

Lisa, 04 Jan 2021

Waited 2 hours for my food when it arrived the food was soggy, cold and the order wasnt correct

Yasmin, 28 Dec 2020

Food was late. Order was wrong. Driver practically threw the food at us.

Dan, 24 Dec 2020


Yoyo Sena, 20 Dec 2020

food is a amazing and staff are friendly and very helpful and polite

Heather, 21 Nov 2020

Waited well over an hour (still waiting as I write this) and cannot get hold of anyone!!!

Bradley, 20 Nov 2020


Rak, 18 Nov 2020

Bad food curry red food colouring dyed my hands.have cutomer who is friend cooking food in dirty work clothes hand and nail dirty behind counter cooking own food put his hands in salads infecting anything he touches which i told them food poisoning alert.wont get food here again scruffy dirty takeaway with staff farting and joking about it knocked me rotten it's ok once never again .needs reporting to health and safety see they got a 5 level in hygiene got joking eat at your peril.

Anon, 14 Oct 2020

Shit food dint put my donner on my burger and gave me a fake pound for my change

NoName, 30 Sep 2020

Add a ben and Jerry's call in a tenner

Sammi, 25 Sep 2020

1 hour 20 mins (and still not got it!) on a Thursday seems a bit ridiculous. Regular customer and delivery is never less than 45 mins but the past 2 times have been particularly bad. When I phone bth times the driver is on his way but takes a further 15mins or so to arrive. Not sure what's happened.

Darren, 24 Sep 2020

Very nice food, good value for money and friendly staff

Carine, 23 Sep 2020


Tairuss, 14 Sep 2020


Kim, 07 Mar 2020

Don't quite get the service charge for their sight but yeah overall good service and good quality food, normally big portions too but recently been hit and miss with then




Excellent grub delivered quickly. Bang on!


Love love love the popcorn chicken


Love love love the popcorn chicken!!